Treasure Coast Music Teachers Association

Affiliated with:   

Music Teachers National Association  &  Florida State Music Teachers Association

 Presenting        KEVIN KENNER



In concert at The Blake Library, Sunday, March 5, 2023

MASTER CLASS 1:00 pm—3:00 pm          CONCERT 3:30 pm—4:30 pm


Luanne Dwyer         -     Yun Lew-Kumpf       -   Cynthia Hinkelman    -      Cindy Kessler 

     Concert                       Corresponding                     Recording                      President      

  Chairperson                       Secretary                           Secretary                Acting Treasurer

                                                                                                                         Acting Membership Chair                                                                                                                                         Anti-Trust Compliance Officer


    Treasure Coast Music Teachers Board members  -  2021 to 2023



TCMTA, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, exists to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music.

The object of this association shall be:

¨ To create and maintain a high standard of music teaching.

¨ To promote music culture in community.

¨ To sponsor public student musicales for all qualified students of music teachers in the association.

¨ To sponsor meetings for study, discussion and evaluation.

¨ To cultivate fraternal relations among the members of the profession.

¨ To provide financial assistance to talented pupils.

¨ To pledge its members to live up to the Code of Ethics.


Relationship(s) with other music teachers.

Tips & help for building and maintaining business.

Publication of name in TCMTA, MTNA, & FSMTA website(s) and/or brochure(s).

Availability of Liability Insurance through MTNA.

Scholarship opportunity for students.

Performance experience for students in Music-Thon & Honors recitals.